32-ри фестивал на Българсия игрален филм
Варна, 11-17 октомври 2014


Our main character „The Man” has been drifting around the world from small town to small town, trying to keep a low profile, while pretending to be a photographer. He has inherited a mysterious book containing „The Object”, which evokes a morbid curiosity in the people who hear the rumor of it and pay to view it. The Man is however immune to its effects. He seems also to be immune to alcohol, caffeine, and perhaps he is not aging. All of these questions are asked by his new friend „The Journalist”. The Man begins an affair with The Journalist’s cousin „The Woman” who works at the local photo lab, owned by „The Grandfather”. As more clients come to view The Object things start getting out of hand.

RAYMOND STEERS began as a musician, playing guitar, writing songs, and singing in rock bands in Portland, Oregon and later in Atlanta, Georgia USA. After moving back to Portland in 2006, he began acting in theatre and eventually moved into film acting, writing, and directing. His first feature Sum of the Parts was completed in 2008, and appeared at small film festivals in the USA. After taking the following two years to learn to shoot on film stock and move away from digital cameras, Raymond made some short 16mm and 35mm films, including an as yet unfinished TV pilot entitled Agent Provocateur with cinematographer Daniel Klockenkemper. Raymond moved permanently to Bulgaria in 2012.

USA, Bulgaria, 2013, 96 min

Script: Raymond Steers
Director: Raymond Steers
Cinematography: Daniel Klockenkemper
Music: Eric Belt
Cast: Rainier Jaarsma, George Zlatarev, Vasil Mihailov, Manuela Sarkissyan, Nicolay Stanoev, Evelin Kostova, Robert Janakiev
Production: Raymond Steers, Vladimir Mladenov
Co-production: Borislav Chuchkov