32-ри фестивал на Българсия игрален филм
Варна, 11-17 октомври 2014


We could treat the movie as a tragicomic Balkan-themed Eastern, a story about friendship, love and tolerance and about the impossibility to have them all at once, especially in the Balkans. Lack of harmony results from almost as many reasons as the good intentions that pave the way to it. Egocentrism and chaotic mind or hot temper as well as not thinking twice before acting leads to a tragic mistake and, typically of these lands, it is the most innocent of them all that suffers.

ZACHARY PAUNOV graduated from the University of National and World Economy in 1986 and in Film and TV Directing from NATFA in 2001. He had worked as production manager, producer and executive producer in national and foreign films. Hombre is his directorial debut.

Bulgaria, 2014, 104 min

Script: Emil Tonev
Director: Zachary Paunov
Cinematography: Ivan Vatsov
Music: Peter Georgiev – Pesheto
Cast: Valeri Yordanov, Stefka Yanorova, Lubomir Bachvarov, Ivan Rankov
Co-production: Dessilsava Tasseva – Snimachen ekip Ltd, Dimitar Gotchev – Camera Ltd, Alexandar Simeonov – Peak Audio Ltd, Elizabeth Radeva – Junk brothers Ltd.
With the support of: Bulgarian National Film Center, PIERLUCCI, Creative Center Ltd.