32-ри фестивал на Българсия игрален филм
Варна, 11-17 октомври 2014


The story of a man in London. Waiting for his girlfriend, he goes through the deepest and scariest emotions and fears of his existence. Trying to have a cigarette at peace before her arrival, he meets an stranger who is about to change his life… or rather this encounter is only a reminder of the twisted stories and lies he has been living into.

YANA TITOVA was born on 26 February 1983 in Plovdiv. She has a Bachelor degree in Acting from NATFA. She has been part both of the National Theatre and TheYouth Theatre. As an actress Yana was part of many movies, and has won the Bulgarian Film Academy Award for Best Actress, the Golden Rose Award for Best Supporting Actress.
The Bridge is Yana’s directorial debut. The movie was part of the official selection of London Short Film Festival and was nominated for the Jameson Award at the Sofia IFF as well as for Best Bulgarian Short at the In The Palace International Short Film Festival.
Yana is now a MD student in Film Making at NBU and is about to shoot her second short movie Solveig.

Bulgaria, 2013, 10 min

Script: Yana Titova
Director: Yana Titova
Cinematography: Pavel G. Vesnakov
Cast: Edward Hogg, Yana Titova, Marama Corlett
Production: Alexander Alexiev
Co-production: Monica Balcheva